As a Devon based company I have the wonderful job of visiting locations across Devon to see customers and galleries based all over the county.  If you are looking to visit beautiful towns with a vibrant art scene and wonderful galleries to see the local art then here are 5 recommendations for you.


Dartmouth is a lovely town with a scenic views, it is family friendly and a great place to explore.  I recently visited the area to meet with a Gallery owner and was thrilled by the volume of galleries all over the town, each with its own style.  Even without the picturesque views, quaint shops and friendly locals the galleries themselves make this location a must visit.

Broomhill Art Hotel and Sculpture Gardens.

Based in Barnstaple this place is just magical.  The gardens are better described as countryside woodlands with a stream and ponds.  The natural beauty of the area would make it a perfect location for a walk and picnic in the sun.  The incredible sculptures that are found all around you are so varied in style and technique that it’s like a treasure hunt as you stop to spot and take in all of them.  There is also a recently renovated art gallery which has cleverly been set around a restaurant so you can enjoy the art even if the weather isn’t great.

Lyme Regis.

Although not technically in Devon it is right there on the Devon border and a great place to see wonderful art work in a vast array of local galleries.  You can see why Lyme Regis is a hub of local artists as the views across the beach and out to sea are glorious.  The beach itself is split offering both a pebble and sand beach perfect for everyone’s requirements.


A beautiful and quaint town that offers an array of shops and art galleries.  The picturesque setting brings visitors from around the world. Salcombe is a hub for water sports and the perfect holiday town.  It’s a great place to visit and explore and the perfect place to get the best ice creams!!


I had to mention our city centre in this list, with the incredible history displayed throughout the city with remnants from World War 2. The stunning and historic Exeter Cathedral juxtaposed so beautifully by the modern and new Princesshay shopping centre.  Exeter is the subject of many an artist’s muse and has some wonderful galleries with a range of paintings to capture anyone’s mood.



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