Artist Becky Duffin


Artist Becky Duffin

Rebecca (Becky) Duffin is a Devon based artist who creates stunning original art, gifts and homeware. She has developed her own abstract style using a mixture of oils, acrylics, ink and resin. Her pieces are created in rich and vibrant colours on large canvases and papers; ideal show-stopping artwork for any space.


Not just the creator of abstract pieces, Becky has a range of work including floral and landscape-inspired work. Her landscapes capture beautiful mountain ranges in dynamic colours making them feel enticing and exciting.

Becky Duffin Art Work - Landscape

Having studied art in school her passion wasn’t realised until after the loss of a family member when she began to find inspiration that helped grow her passion for art. Her talent and skill have developed over time as she has created her own personal flair and style within the art world. It hasn’t taken long for Becky’s work to receive acclaim and some of her work is displayed proudly in venues around Devon after twice winning awards for “best painting” while exhibiting her work locally.


But don’t take my word for it; her customers say: “The detail is exceptional” and her work has “great use of colour and composition”. Each piece is so individual and beautiful that anyone who owns one is proud of the artwork they have acquired.

Abstract by Artist Becky Duffin


To see more of Becky’s work and to look at the pieces available for sale, visit her website or follow her on Instagram or Facebook. 


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