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Messums Gallery


We have worked regularly with our client Messums Gallery over the years.  Packing and shipping paintings and sculptures to send around the world to be exhibited.  On one occasion they had a large number of paintings that needed to be shipped to Canada. To keep costs to a minimum we packed the paintings in our usual way with film & felt, and then into individual envelopes grouped by size and then packed into bespoke cases.     


On arrival at the gallery, we heard the staff were really impressed with the way the paintings had been packed and how easy they were to unpack. With the exhibition a success and a good quantity of the paintings sold, the gallery had to arrange onward shipping. Due to the high-quality packing, they were able to use the original packing materials; but as the paintings had originally been grouped together and packed in larger crates, they then had to source secure outer packaging for the sold paintings.



Resolving A Problem For the Future


This cost considerably more and did not offer the same security that the paintings had originally had. It has been agreed that in future it would be more cost effective to pack the paintings in their own cases, meaning those that are sold can be shipped on with ease and peace of mind. Plus the un-sold paintings can be shipped back with ease and stored in top-notch condition.


Rob explains, “It is sometimes a balancing act when the cost is a factor. With the benefit of hindsight, it is easy to demonstrate the value of a bespoke packing case. However, when you are watching the costs, bespoke packing can seem like an extravagance. It rarely is though; as our crates are reusable, waterproof and always screwed (we do not use nails!). They offer protection to the painting and frame whenever they are being stored or moved. So most people keep a hold of them and use them time and again.”

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