Packing Art, Antiques and Sculptures



Packing Art, Antiques and Sculptures


Over the many years of shipping artwork, antiques and sculptures we have trialled and tested various methods for packing fragile and valuable items.  No matter the shape, size or type of fine art you are looking to send. Isca Fine Art are confident that they can offer the perfect packing solution.



We offer a lightweight but secure packing option ideal for individual paintings being couriered within the UK and worldwide.  The alternative method we offer is for higher value paintings, framed paintings or when packing multiple paintings as one.  This method enables added protection and security to avoid damage to the glass or for long haul shipments.



We have shipped a range of different sculptures from smaller sculptures to pieces large enough to fill a container.  With each item, our team will determine the best way to pack the sculpture. They look at bracing the sculpture to protect against jolts in transit. Protecting fragile parts with extra protection and support. Ultimately they create a bespoke packing solution for every piece to ensure it will arrive safely.



Every antique piece that we pack is different but valuable and needs to remain in great condition.  This means our team build bespoke cases using a number of techniques to build the best protection for every antique.



Glass can be a challenge to pack whether you are shipping small glass bowls or a custom made glass splash back. It is essential that the glass item is packed in a way that keeps it secure and in one piece throughout transit.


To find out more about our packing services get in touch with a member of the team. They are here to help and can discuss your options finding the best packing solution for your requirements.

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