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Insurance Cover for Art and Antiques


For many artists and sculptors, insurance is essential. The effort, time and skill that goes into creating their work adds even more to the value of the piece. Understanding insurance in relation to shipping can seem confusing or difficult to understand. At Isca Fine Art we can explain how limited liability insurance works. Although damage and problems are unlikely we can discuss with you how problems may impact your fine art shipment.


Not only can we advise you on your insurance options we also can offer comprehensive cover. We have been working with Aviva to cover our customer’s artwork for years. Each fine art shipment will be quoted based on its individual value and criteria through Aviva Marine Cargo Insurance. Our rates are very competitive and start from £25.00 and all insurance prices are based on the value of the artwork to ensure you are fully covered if the worst should happen.


To discuss your insurance requirements with a member of our team or to get a quote please get in touch with the team today. They are here to advise and happy to help.


Fine Art Insurance

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