Shipping Sculptures – Dominic Welch



Shipping Sculptures – Dominic Welch


Isca Fine Art has been shipping sculptures for many years. We have been working with the sculptor Dominic Welch over the past few years to arrange the packing and shipping of his work. This means we have had the pleasure of seeing some of his amazing sculptures first hand. The beautiful sculptures he builds can often be found displayed in gardens as well as inside homes and galleries. Made from stone, they are extremely heavy, and not easy to move, so this needs to be considered when packing and delivering these beautiful works of art.


Often needing to fulfil orders to overseas customers, Dominic uses our services to ensure that his sculptures arrive safely at their destination. As a sculptor Dominic is naturally a hands-on person, he works closely with the team for every shipment. His understanding and knowledge about each sculpture helps our team to determine the best options for packing and shipping each piece. By working together closely, we can reassure him that we have considered everything and minimised any risks.


“It’s great to build a close working relationship with Dominic,” says Rob. “We all take pride in making sure that items arrive safely and on time and to have the opportunity to work with the sculptor himself is a real bonus.”


Sculpture We Shipped

Galaxias II – Dominic Welch

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