Paul Copson – Art Exhibition



Paul Copson – Art Exhibition


Paul Copson holds an annual art exhibition at his Nantucket gallery. Paul is the owner and manager of Thomas Henry Galleries. His galleries display the best of contemporary 19th Century sea painters from the UK and USA. He has developed a large following due to his ability to find the best nautical artwork. His love of the sea (He used to be a lighthouse keeper and has always lived by the coast) makes him the perfect person to recognise the true beauty of the sea in the paintings he displays.

We have been working with Paul to transport the artwork he collates from here in the UK to be exhibited in his gallery in Nantucket. Paul and the artists he exhibits deliver their paintings to our premises in Exeter. Our team then build a custom case to accommodate all of the paintings. Each painting is wrapped individually and protected within the case. 


Isca Fine Art will then arrange for the return of any of the remaining paintings which haven’t been sold.  Due to the strong and reliable nature of the cases we build, Paul is able to reuse the cases for the return journey. At Isca Fine Art we love working with Paul getting to see new artists work each year before shipping them out to Nantucket.


Paul Copson Art Exhibition

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