Berrybrook Steam Engines


Berrybrook Steam Engines

Berrybrook Steam is a unique and successful company based here in the West Country. Building replica and scale models of steam engines, collected by people all over the world.  Each model varies greatly in size and shape. This means every case we build to pack these beautiful steam engines has to be built to suit the individual model.


We work closely with Michael at Berrybrook to understand the packing and shipping requirements. Elements such as the large funnels and ride on seats add to the complexity of each project.  Our team work to build crates which protect the steam engines as well as being able to withstand the considerable weight of the engine.


As the weight of these engines can be considerable it is essential that our team discuss delivery options at the destination.  Isca Fine Art work with the destination contact to ensure when the steam engine is delivered they are prepared. This means ensuring they have the required resources available for moving and unpacking.


Over the years Isca has had the opportunity to pack and ship many of Berrybrook’s amazing steam engines. It is always a joy for the whole team to see the models whether they are smaller replicas or full scale.  Each shipment is enjoyed by us all.  We have successfully shipped steam engines around the world in particular to lucky customers in Europe.


Berrybrook Steam Engine

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