Consultancy is free with Isca Fine Art


When shipping precious items, whether valuable or personal, we understand that each project is unique and one size does not fit all. Your dedicated consultant will spend time talking to you to find out about your art, sculpture or antiques.


They are looking to find out:


  • What the item you are looking to ship is.


Determining whether you are interested in shipping a framed painting or a canvas, for example, can make a big difference to the method used as well as the cost.


  • If you want Isca Fine Art to pack the item.


We offer bespoke packing and have experience with packing fragile artwork. However, we are also happy to offer advice for those looking to pack themselves.


  • If there is a specific time frame in mind.


The time frame can determine which method of transport our team recommends.


  • Any concerns you may have.


Some pieces have an unusual shape or a specific weak point. Any additional information can help our team offer you the best options.


  • Where you would like the item to be sent.


To receive a quote we will require a destination address. It is also important you consultant knows the end location to check if any rules apply for imports into that country.



With all of this information as well as any other details you may have our team can help. They can create a tailor-made solution that will meet your requirements and ensure your artwork arrives safely at its destination.

Isca Fine Art Shipping Guide

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