Send Art By Air Freight

“Fly Me to the moon…or maybe just Australia?”


The world today moves faster and the demand for everything to be done at a quicker pace has increased. So with regard to exporting Fine Art internationally, Air Freight is the fastest method.  Our Air Freight expert Tony French answers some questions we are asked regularly about how to send art by air freight.


How quickly will my art arrive with the customer/gallery?


“The time frame varies depending on location and the frequency of flights to that location but much like you can travel the world by plane you can send your art by air too.  The only additional aspect to factor in is the time to unload, customs clear and deliver to the destination.  So typically you are looking at 1-2 days with an additional day if the delivery address is not located close to the local airport.”


What is the best and safest way to pack paintings, sculptures or antiques?


“At Isca Fine Art we offer a packing service and build custom cases for all artwork and antiques.  For some customers, we have built cases and sent them empty to the customer to pack and allow for a remote collection from their address.  If you are looking to pack the artwork yourself, we would recommend giving us a call and we can give some tips and advice for the particular piece you are looking to pack.  Guaranteeing everything arrives safely is impossible but with good packing, it can make all the difference.  We have shipped some fragile glass pieces with great success due to the excellent packing by our team.”


What information do you need prior to shipping?


“If Isca Fine Art has packed the artwork for you they will already have the weight and dimensions of the packed artwork. You will then need to provide a commodity code (we can assist with determining this for you) and for businesses/galleries you would need to be VAT registered or for individuals and artists, you will need to apply for an EORI number. These can both be found and applied for online and Isca Fine Art will be able to help you with this process.”


If you have additional questions regarding shipping artwork and antiques get in touch as we are more than happy to offer our help and advice from the years of experience we have in the freight forwarding industry.

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