Selling Artwork Online and How To Pack and Deliver It.

Selling online could be the perfect solution during these challenging times.


Throughout this strange and unsettling time, Isca Fine Art has continued to run helping to support artists both locally and across the UK.  Galleries may have been closed and exhibitions cancelled, but artists have still been working to create masterpieces.  We are lucky enough to see some of the beautiful artwork created. Some of which has been inspired locally by the beautiful Devon countryside and coastal views.


At Isca Fine Art we love to share the artwork, antiques and sculptures that we pack and ship. We also love to support local exhibitions, galleries and artists.  So we are here to offer our advice and services to anyone who is looking to sell their work but is nervous or unsure about how to send it. Whether this is sending a painting across the UK or shipping a sculpture to Australia we have the experience and the expertise to offer free advice as well as offer competitive quotes for our services.


Maybe you haven’t looked into selling your work directly and usually use a gallery to exhibit and hopefully sell.  Maybe you are a gallery usually dependent on the holiday season to make a sale. Either way by offering your artwork for sale online as well as in person, you are able to reach a wider audience.  That is where we come in! We can collect, pack and ship anywhere. We can also arrange remote courier services for artwork you have packed.


Our experienced team can offer expertise on the best way to pack your individual item. Better yet we can pack it for you. We are always happy to have visitors to our premises (Government Guidelines allowing). Then we can demonstrate the options we would recommend as well as the materials we would use.


For more information or to pick our brains please feel free to get in touch either by phone or email.  We also have a FREE guide available which may help answer some of your questions.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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