Svend Bayer ceramics.

An exciting exhibition of approximately 50 ceramic pieces being sent to Canada for an exhibition, provided an interesting conundrum for our packing team.  Most of the pieces were bowls and dishes, and many of them had lids. When the artist delivered the items to us, each item unpacked and set out on a bench and photographed, so that the packers could see precisely how the pieces were to fit together.  This meant that when they packed the items they could ensure that the pieces stayed together making it more straightforward when the exhibition staff unpacked them.

Adrian, our warehouse Manager explains, “It’s important to have good understanding of the artists requirements. We deal with all kinds of pieces, so we never make assumptions. We will always take into consideration any factors relating to the unpacking of items, and any pointers the artists may be able to give to help us with the process, but ultimately we are experts in moving these kinds of items, so we always feel confident when taking on the job”

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