Melvyn Firmager.

Wood turning is a real art form for Melvyn Firmager. The trouble is, when you turn wood into a flower that is almost paper thin, transporting it can become a challenge. In fact, transporting items had been such a problem for Melvyn in the past, he had never had an item delivered undamaged. So, it is fair to say that he was a little sceptical when we started working with him. We asked him to send us pictures of the items, together with their dimensions so that we could get a better idea of what was involved with packaging it for its trip to Germany.

By talking with Melvyn and understanding what had gone wrong before, we felt confident that we could achieve the right outcome. These items are extremely fragile, and take hours to create. By the time they are finished the wood can be as thin as paper and as fragile as an eggshell. So just popping it in some bubble wrap and hoping for the best simply wasn’t the answer.

The packing team took delivery of the items from Melvyn, and set about working out how to pack it. To reassure Melvyn, we took photographs at each stage to show what we did. The key was to ensure that the items were securely packaged and supported, and then contained within a small wooden case. This meant that they couldn’t move around regardless of how they were handled.    

All four of the precious items reached their destination intact. We had a very happy customer!

“We completely understand that an artist or collector can be sceptical about our ability to ensure that things won’t get damaged, as after all, once it leaves us, we can’t control who or how an item is handled. However, in our years of experience we have learnt how to reduce the risk of damage in transit by making sure they’re packed suitably for the journey they are to undertake. By taking the time to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of an item, we build a bespoke packing solution that works.” Says Paul. “This job in particular gave a real sense of pride, as I knew that Melvyn had been let down before.”

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