Packing Artwork


Good packing can be the difference between your artwork arriving damaged or in one piece.


Isca Forwarding have their own packing warehouse and a team of specialists who have years of experiencing packing a wide range of interesting and challenging items.

Here they give an insight into how they go about packing art and why the right packing can make all the difference:


When new artwork arrives in the warehouse for packing what is the first thing you do?


“We take a good look at the items and check if the details we were given match up and if the packing plan will still work.  It is all about getting a sense of what needs packing and understanding how it could move or be impacted in transit.”


What information helps you prepare for goods coming in to be packed?


“It always helps me to plan packing jobs in advance, so knowing the dimensions of a piece, the weight and what the artwork is allows me to judge how fragile it is and how strong the packing needs to be to hold the weight or reduce movement.  It also gives me an idea of any unusual shapes or aspects to take into consideration for unusual items.  The more information I have the easier it is to take some time to think of the best solution for packing and consider all the options available to us.”


What is the most challenging item you have packed?


“We were asked by a customer to pack a selection of bird sculptures.  They were very fragile with thin legs and delicate bodies and heads.  I needed to find a way to stabilise them within the bespoke cases so they didn’t move and the crates were strong and could absorb any movement.  It was definitely challenging and I had a real sense of achievement when they were all packed and shipped successfully!”

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