New To Shipping Artwork


Having visited a number of artists and galleries over the the years I have come to realise that much like my own experience of starting a career in importing, exporting and courier services, artists, galleries and sculptors can find the terminology and process alien and complicated. Here are some answers to questions I get asked regularly.


1. I’ve never imported/exported before what do I need to do next?


Our team in the office are here to help with this question depending on what knowledge you already have.  We have step by step guides that can help explain the process which we can email to you.  The team member you talk to will also help by asking you questions like:

  • What are you importing/exporting?
  • What are the locations at each end?
  • Do you know the weight and size(s) of the items?
  • How would you like them to travel?

These questions allow us to work out the best way for you to send your pieces.  We are then able to advise you of your next step and explain to you what we will be doing next to quote for you as well as the next steps with the actual job.

We will also explain commodity codes and getting your own EORI number. Both are easy enough to find out and obtain but our team will help you with this as well.



2. How much will it cost?


It is obviously important to factor in cost when you are planning on sending anything.  No one wants to discover hidden costs when the items are already on their way.  We at Isca Fine Art will create a personalised quote for you which factors in your requirements and the information you have given us.  For exporting your art work the cost varies based on size, weight and how you want the items sent.  For UK deliveries the cost is calculated based on the journey itself as we have a designated van for the job.



3. Will it get there in one piece? It has glass and is fragile can it still be sent?


When we pack any work we do so with certain measures in place to help reduce any risk of damage.

  • We use techniques so that if glass in a frame breaks it does not damage the painting.
  • We build cases that are bespoke for the piece ensuring it is packed securely with measures in place to stop movement and damage.
  • We also offer various insurance options so that if the worst should happen you are covered.

There is never a full guarantee that there won’t be any damage by in the many years we have been shipping art work we have been successful in the work arriving safely 99% of the time with only one sculpture being damaged by customs on entry into the other country.



4. What happens if I need a timed delivery?


Many galleries especially those based in major cities request that work is delivered within a specific time frame; this can be challenging when trying to deliver the items yourself.  We have a dedicated van to do these UK deliveries and our wonderful driver plans his journey to ensure he gets your work there at the designated time.

We will always check with you about deliveries so we know if there are set times and what the circumstances are for access.  If there is a problem with parking at a specific venue we can offer an additional member of staff so that the van does not have to be left unattended.  Ultimately we will find the best way to make it work for your circumstances.



5. Do you only deliver to certain locations? Is there a minimum amount I can send?


We do our best to meet every individual customers needs.

  • We can ship items worldwide and our dedicated van service will deliver anywhere in England.
  • There is no minimum size we have shipped an individually commissioned painting across the world but have also moved a large number of paintings to a new exhibition within the UK.


If you have any questions regarding packing and sending your artwork, antiques or sculptures don’t hesitate to get in touch. The team at Isca are here to help and know that when you are new to shipping it is easy to get confused.

Call today to find out more and talk to our team – 01392 369923.

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