Fine Art Shipping Myth Busting.

There are plenty of concerns and problems people associate with shipping fine art and antiques. It is important to ensure the art is packed and shipped correctly adhering to rules and regulations in the receiving country.  This does not mean that sending art overseas is a problem or that it should be avoided.

Below I have debunked some of the more common myths about shipping Fine Art.

  1. Using an Art logistics company will be expensive.

In reality when you work with an established company like Isca Fine Art you are usually in a better position to receive reduced rates without this impacting the quality of service you are offered.  We are also able to offer suggestions and alternatives which may enable you to reduce the cost of shipping, so that you can keep costs within your budget.  As a company we ensure you have no hidden charges and advise you of all the costs included in your shipment.

  1. Too complicated.

There are many aspects of shipping which can appear daunting or downright confusing! The great thing about using a company like Isca Fine Art to arrange your shipping is that we are the ones arranging and sorting out these aspects of the process.  If there is a stage in shipping when you are required to complete a specific process we are here to advise and talk you through it step by step.  You will always have the help and support you need no matter how silly you think your question may be we are happy to answer it.

  1. There is standard insurance included in shipping.

This is somewhat true, all shipping lines and airlines will have basic limited liability insurance cover but we would always recommend at least looking at taking out insurance cover for your art. The reason we suggest this is that often the basic limited liability insurance does not cover the value of your item.  Isca Fine Art are also able to offer very reasonable rates for insurance as we have a great relationship with our insurance brokers, which allows us to offer the same great rates to you.

  1. An art Freight Forwarder won’t take into account your needs and requests.

Actually if you find the right Freight Forwarder especially a company that specialises in shipping and packing fine art there is no reason for you to feel ignored. At Isca Fine Art we work alongside you, regularly communicating with you regarding the shipment and any requirements you may have.  If you are a gallery owner, artist or buyer we build a working relationship with you to guarantee we meet your requirements and work with you as part of a team.

  1. The customer service will be bad.

It is true that many large freight forwarding and shipping companies are renowned for their bad customer service.  You are one of many and often feel ignored or out of the loop when it comes to shipping your fine art.  It is important to find the right company for you!! At Isca Fine Art we do not have automated phones; instead the phone is always answered by a member of the team.  If you contact us outside working hours you can leave a voicemail and someone will call you back first thing the next day.

At Isca Fine Art you will have a main contact for your shipment as well as a second contact should they be required, so you will always know who to talk to with any queries that arise.  We will always do our best to go above and beyond just offering you a service, ensuring we are there to offer advice and support as well as constant updates and communication throughout the process.  Some of our customers have been with us for decades and we believe this is due to our great customer service as well as the services and prices we are able to offer.


If you think that Isca Fine Art might be the right company to work with you then why not get in touch and find out more about what we offer? We look forward to hearing from you.

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