Isca Fine Art vs Using a Courier Direct.


I often speak to artists and gallery owners who send their artwork directly with a courier service.  There are some benefits to going directly with a courier; this could be being able to offer you a discounted rate, especially if you are sending art regularly.  If your art is going directly from a to b then they have a great tracking service so you can monitor your arts location at every step of the way.  This may sound ideal for what you are looking for but there are a few things to consider before going directly to a courier service.

Courier services deal with a wide range of items of different sizes and weights.  The fragile and often expensive art that you are sending does not get any different treatment.  Isca Fine Art check any packing before sending art and have a packing warehouse to create the best bespoke case for your art if they feel it requires re-packing.

If something goes wrong and your courier loses or damages your art then it can be time consuming and expensive for you to claim and resolve the issue.  By using Isca Fine Art we will sort these problems on your behalf and help to make the whole process easier for you.

Isca Fine Art have regular contacts within the various courier companies which means they are able to find out the best routing options as well as offer a freight forwarder rate to you as our customer.  We are also aware that some courier companies are not covering or willing to take certain art especially if it is over a certain value.  We make sure that your art is sent with the correct insurance cover so that if the worst were to happen you are completely covered.

Ultimately the decision comes down to you and how much time and effort you want to put into ensuring your art reaches its destination safely and as expected.  Courier companies can be a great option but without the added support of a Freight Forwarder you can leave yourself and your art at risk.

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