Shipping Paintings and Antiques

Have you purchased fragile antiques or art work through an Auction or Ebay?
Do you need help packing and shipping your items internationally?
We can help!

We at Isca Fine Art Logistics ship lots of items worldwide and are well placed to help you with your international shipping enquiries.

Our customers have successfully shipped steam engines, antique furniture and priceless works of art all over the world using our services.

When you are travelling or on holiday sometimes it is hard not to fall in love with a piece that either won’t fit in your suitcase or is at risk of being damaged.  This often stops people from making the special purchase as shipping can seem daunting and complicated.

Isca Fine Art have been working with first time shippers for over 35 years and can assure you that it is not as difficult or expensive as you may think.

At Isca Fine Art we provide a full service – packing and shipping items to your chosen destination.  We can even collect them from their purchase location before we pack and ship them.  Our years of experience mean that our team know that every item requires different treatment, so we build bespoke cases to ensure your items arrive in one piece.

We are able to provide full insurance cover to give you peace of mind, if you have any special requirements regarding the security of the items we can help with this too.

So please don’t be put off of buying large, heavy or fragile items just because you will need to ship them internationally, we are the largest Independent Freight Forwarder in the South West. We have a great team who are committed to giving excellent customer service, and will only speak in terms that you understand.

We have it covered, just call us on 01392 369923 for free no obligation advice and quotes.



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