Our team are very experienced and over the last 35 years have packed everything from delicate statues, beautiful paintings to fragile china and many other types of artwork.

Each time our team packs a work of art they look at the criteria to ensure that it arrives safely at the destination:

This could be ensuring that a large statue is braced and protected against any jolts or knocks during shipping so that they are absorbed by the crate and packing materials not the statue.

It could be when packing an older painting which has glass which can become more brittle with age we ensure that if the glass should shatter the actual painting will not get damaged.  To date we have never had any glass shatter but always better to be safe than sorry.

It could be that a heavy piece is braced in place within the crate to ensure that when being moved by lifting equipment it remains safe and stable.

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Case Study: Berrybrook Steam

We work closely with Michael at Berrybrook to understand the packing and shipping requirements as the size and shape of each engine can vary greatly.


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