Antiques and Private Collectors.

Isca Fine Art have worked closely with a number of Antiques sellers helping to ship pieces to customers.  The value of these items is based on their history and condition so it is essential they are packed well to help ensure they are secure and safe in transit.  We have helped private collectors grow their art, antique or sculpture collections enabling them to ship their new purchases anywhere.

Berrybrook Steam – Case Study.

Berrybrook Steam is a unique and successful company based here in the West Country. Building replica and scale models of steam engines, collected by people all over the world, varying greatly in size and shape. We work closely with Michael at Berrybrook to understand the packing and shipping requirements as the size and shape of each engine can vary greatly. Elements such as the large funnels and ride on seats add to the complexity of each project and the crates we build need to be able to withstand the considerable weight of the engine.

One of the main considerations when working on some of the larger pieces is the weight. We work closely with the customer to understand any possible issues relating to the delivery of the engine at the destination.


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